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Liam Ruth: Chief Executive Officer/ Co-Founder

Liam Ruth

Chief Executive Officer/Co-Founder

Army Veteran

Liam Ruth Co-Founded First Faiths Assembly Inc. in an effort to realize his vision of restoring true Faith Freedom to those who seek wisdom and knowledge.  Having experienced a constant battle his entire life to enjoy true faith freedom, Liam fully understands the struggles and barriers people endure.  Specifically in military service and transition from service, veterans find it hard to make peace between these two lives, Liam hopes his experiences and drive to light others paths will bring this peace.

Liam is eternal bound with his beautiful wife Kristi and enjoys every moment of raising their two children Kooper and Kodi in there home state of Texas.

Liam is a natural leader, teacher and mentor who enjoys watching people grow with every step they take along their path of life.  He loves pointing out that ‘he is only human, we all are, we have limited time to experience this life, make the most of it’!  

With more than 2 decades of Military service in the U.S. Army, seeing service in many diverse environments around the globe, Liam's professional experience and personal growth brings a tremendous array of skills to the Team.  Such as operations management, logistics, human resources, communication, strategy harmonizing and building the team.

Ali Alirad

Chief Financial Officer/Co-Founder

Army Veteran

Co-Founded the First Faiths Assembly (FFA) to bring together communities of diverse Faiths, collaborate, and share experiences. He oversees all aspects of the FFA’s finances, including the development and management of budgets, preparation of financial statements and reporting to its Board and the Public. 

Ali brings a diverse background to the organization. The son of an Iranian father and African American mother, he grew up in a household of multiple faiths: Zoroastrian and Christian. As a veteran, he served over 12 years in the U.S. Army as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist and advocate for wounded, ill, and injured Soldiers transitioning in and out of the Army. After his military service, he changed career paths into finance completing a B.S.B. in Actuarial Sciences and M.S. in Applied Mathematics (Financial Mathematics Concentration) from DePaul University. 


Ali owns and operates ASHA Financial Consulting LLC and is the finance manager for Embassies of Christ Kingdom Ministries.

Ali is married to May Saengpraseuth Alirad, a social worker for Chicago Public Schools, Amazon Best-Selling Author, and Executive Director of the Lao-American Organization of Elgin. They reside in Chicago and have two daughters Eden Mariam and Yasmin Grace.

Ali Alirad: Chief Financial Officer/ Co-Founder
Jamie Armbruster: Board Secretary/Co-Founder

Jamie Armbruster

Board Secretary/Co-Founder

At 37, Jamie Armbruster has spent the majority of her professional career in the customer service industry after dropping out of college at 19 to help care for her newly disabled mother. Over the past decade she has also branched out into the accounting and logistic fields, while striving to expand her knowledge base further.

As a Christian, Jamie has always felt the importance of helping people in need. From a very young age Jamie has been involved with helping people ranging from the homeless to just needing an open ear. Jamie believes that love, grace, compassion, and community are the building blocks of her faith and strives every day to be that embodied for at least one person.

Jamie currently resides in Northeast Texas with her 11-year-old daughter and her 17-year-old niece she took into her home in 2021. They happily share their home with the girls’ two dogs (Bella and Ginger), the girls’ two rabbits (Sir Marshmallow and Brownie), and Jamie’s cat Charlie.

Kristi Sly Ruth

Director of Marketing

Kristi started working in the working world of customer service at 16 and ventured into fitness, sales and marketing. 


She worked for AquaSalt, LLC coordinating company logistics around trade shows and traveling nationwide.  She played a major part in the company's success of doubling production by 6 million units in two years.  She was the first contact for the consumers and always went above and beyond.  


Kristi assisted in the management of the membership teams for 24 Hour Fitness, LA Fitness, Snap Fitness, Steele Fitness, and Dynamic Fitness. As she discovered fitness was in her heart, she started as a personal trainer and started her own personal training business.  Within 6 weeks, her schedule was full with 36 clients.  With over 12 years in the fitness industry, she's earned her title of "The Motivator."

Kristi enjoys hosting dinners, and BBQs, and going on mini excursions with their oldest child, Kooper, playing dress up with their 10-week-old, Kodi Marie, and traveling with Liam and the kids making memories.  They often take trips to visit their parents on the lake.  She says anywhere by the water is home away from home.

Kristi Sly Ruth: Director of Marketing
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